7 Important Founding Factors to Build your Personal Brand in Digital World

December 19 , 2019
Important Founding Factors to Build your Personal Brand in Digital World

Creating your personal brand is a very legacy building process that can supersede your job or career. It is not only about looking good or just posting any content on social media but rather it is a persistent focused process of creating good quality content that you are passionate about and publishing it on your choice of social media platform.

Here are 7 founding factors that you can use to build your personal brand in the digital world:

  • Purpose and Passion

Having a purpose and clear directions about what you want and what your passion is very important. Just posting anything shows a lack of focus.

You can follow 4 steps to discover your purpose and passion as stated by Porter Gale:

👉 Listing out your passion
👉 Discover the sweet spot at the intersection
👉 Describing your tone
👉 Writing the 20-word mission statement that distills your purpose.

  • Digital Platform

You can design and build your own platform rather than posting it on other websites for others. You can easily get a domain for your content on WordPress and post your content there.

  • Social Proofing

Online social proofing yourself can be a time taking the task as in this, you have to build trust and show your evidence of achievements. It could be a combination of a variety of factors:

👉 Awards
👉 Mentions in mass media and online blogs and foundations
👉 book(s) written
👉 Number of followers on social network
👉 The amount of social sharing of your content

  • Choosing your Social Media Network

Select the social media network that works best for you as per your chosen purpose that can provide suitable platforms to share your knowledge and insights.

  • Creating a Focused and Good Quality Content

After publishing for some time you can get an idea of the problems and aspirations of your readers and then you can tune the contents as per the feedbacks of your genuine readers or followers.
Creating focused content according to your purpose and your reader will take you one step ahead.

  • Building Tribes

An online global tribe is what you need that can help you share your story and build your personal brand.

So you should focus on start building followers from the very first day on social networks, who will assist you in crowdsourcing the sharing of your content.

  • Network

Business networking is an initiative that works both online and offline. The more you have ties with the other influencers, the bigger the network you can create.

In the initial stages, you will be able to make weak ties, but as time goes by and the more people you meet, your ties will get stronger.


By considering the above-mentioned founding factors, you can build your personal brand in the digital world.

But as said, Nothing successful can be built in a day or two, it definitely needs the proper time and nurturing to grow.

  • December 19 , 2019
  • Rushik Shah
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