Some Common Myths about Google Ads and their Difference with the Facts

March 18 , 2021

A significant part of the Google website is the ads that appear on the page. But there are certain myths or misconceptions about these ads which keep the advertisers confused. You have to comply with the policies. If the ads posted by you violate the Counterfeit Goods and Misrepresentation policies, then your account may get suspended.

The Myths Vs. the Truth

  1. Google Ad does not work

It is not easy to install and use, but it works. You have to use the proper keywords, have good quality content, and be patient to get the results.

2. You will get immediate funds

You have to realise that Google Ad is a channel through which you can build a network and raise funds or donations. It does not guarantee that donations will pour in automatically unless you have the skill to convert them.

3. Tracking is not possible 
This is not true. There are several tools like Google Analytics with which you can track things like conversions, goals, models, etc.

4. No benefit for small organisations
An organisation’s size would not matter as long as you use the appropriate keyword or advertise the services that you offer, specify your location, etc.

5. Google ads are expensive
In contrast, the cost of google ads is quite low, and currently, there has been a reduction in click prices and cost per lead (CPA). Even with limited funds, your ads can generate high visibility if you can design the promotional content well.

6. Nobody will click on your ads
Billions of dollars are generated as revenue every year from ads, and it has been confirmed by people themselves. You need to have the patience to see whether your ads are getting the desired number of clicks.

7. Spending more on your ads would improve the SEO
This is not correct as the website that you are advertising for would not be highlighted in the search options.

8. Bid high to get increased visibility
The reverse would be better. Try to reduce the amount for the cost per click. If you pay more for the clicks, it would just increase your costs.

9.The topmost position means higher profits
This is a myth as well. More clicks help you in reaching the topmost spot, but it does not mean that your profit will also increase. You can spend a lot of money to reach the number one position, but that will lead to higher costs.

10. Keywords can be used only once in one account
There is no restriction like this in reality. There can be different combinations in which a keyword can be used to increase visibility for your ad. The only thing is that if a single keyword is used repetitively with the same match type in any one ad, then the search results may not be as desired.

11.Create an ad for once, and no further monitoring is required
This would give you negative outcomes. You have to bring about required changes in your ad periodically and keep track of how it is working.

12. Having more keywords is good
More keywords are not always desirable as they may lead to a huge number of audience or visitors, which would not be of importance to you. The best way is to focus on a limited target group and quality rather than on the volume of traffic.

13. Ad extensions will increase your return on investment (ROI)
This may lead to a surge in traffic to your web page, but you may not get the desired revenue. It is important to analyse the results that the extensions will bring out and whether the outcome is positive or negative.

It would not be easy to earn revenue from Google Ads, but you can turn it into a profitable venture with the right strategy and without paying attention to the myths.

  • March 18 , 2021
  • Rushik Shah

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