Digital Marketing VS Traditional Marketing- Which One to Choose for Your Business?

November 04 , 2019
Digital Marketing VS Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing is the marketing thing from which we are used to at one point or another in our life. It is the first form of marketing when the digitalization was not much active and people were not on social media.

Some common traditional marketing techniques included different mediums of marketing that can be stated as:

Prints: newspapers, magazines, journals, pamphlets, etc.
Broadcast: Radio, Television, etc.
Mails: catalogs and postcards.
Telemarketing: via phone calls, SMS, etc
Outdoor ads and hoardings

Traditional marketing has also improved from time to time, but some of the primary aspects are still the same.

Digital Marketing is the new era for growing the network of marketing and converting audiences into customers easily.

Regardless of the size of the business, any business can use digital marketing techniques and tools to convert their audience into clients. The Internet has become the most powerful and influencing thing used in today’s devices and hence it plays an important role in promoting the services and goods to many people.

We can also look at the statistics for understanding the importance of online platforms:

More than 60 percent of US mature people use Facebook every day.

Almost all B2B marketers use LinkedIn to promote services or goods actively.

It is reported that social media is the most effective content marketing technique.

So the question arrives for choosing the right and best marketing way for your company to achieve your goals.

The Benefits of Traditional Marketing:

  • The Local Audience Can be Targeted Easily:

With traditional marketing techniques like local radio ads, local newspapers, it is easy to reach out to people and turn them to clients.

  • It’s Easy to Understand:

With traditional marketing, you directly approach people and try to convert them into your clients. So it is easy to understand the conversation directly than through social media.

The Downside of Traditional Marketing:

  1. Results are Not Easily Measurable:

The traditional marketing is done more physically than digitally, so the results are not measurable easily because you cannot go out and count the number of people who have heard your ad on radio or had read the newspaper ads, etc.

  1. Little Interaction:

The most obvious issue that can be encountered with traditional marketing is the last interaction with the audience.

People will get to know about you through ads or newspapers or via other mediums but cannot interact with you in detail unless they are more than interested or are related to your business.

So this accounts for the little interaction between you and the audience.

  1. Higher Costs:

Printing ads in newspapers, journals, magazines, hanging the hoardings, billboards on the street can cost you much more than the ones you can just post on social media (it costs you nothing!).

If there is any update or a new thing that you want to tell or market about, then you will have to start with the fresh prints and this will ultimately cost you higher than you may have expected.

  1. Fewer Customization Options:

Every business marketing strategy to be customized on a regular basis and to so you have to tell every interested person about it and for that, you cannot go door to door.

So customizations are very limited in traditional marketing.

  1. Cannot be Updated Easily:

All the things now a days need updates, be it your smartphone or any business strategy or your next goal.

Similarly, the marketing strategy also needs an update from time to time, which is not possible by all the companies with the use of traditional marketing technique, as it requires more increase of budget to do the marketing (like printing, billboards, broadcasting) for every update.

Benefits of Using Digital Marketing:

  1. Customer Engagement is Higher:
    Through digital media, you can reach out to more number of people. You can easily target local + other customers.

The engagement level with people will also increase and you will get a chance of interacting with people through your posts and their responses on it.

Higher interaction with your audience will mean higher chances of converting them into your clients.

  1. Result Measuring is Easier:

Social media gives you the exact count for the number o views, shares, likes, comments that your post has got. YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and all the other social media platforms give those numbers.

With those numbers, you can easily measure the results, like, what number of people have viewed your post and how many have responded to it and are interested in getting involved.

  1. Huge Number of the Audience:

The more people like and get involved in your social media platform, the more audience you will have to receive the content posted by you.

On social media, these things work in a network and if one person may have liked the way you work or your posts, they may tell their friend online about it and you will get more and more audience through it.

The network spreads and evolves with time.

  1. Less Expense with More Effect:

Many people prefer to have online ads but it is still cheaper than the traditional technique.

Posting your own content on your platform, gathering audiences and interacting with them will cost you nothing.

It’s much cheaper than traditional marketing techniques and requires less budget.

Also if the content posted by you has got any interest from the audience, they may get more people to connect with you and the network will grow stronger.

  1. Development of your Brand:

A well-maintained website with quality content present in it, which adds values to the target audience can provide the values and possibilities for lead generation from it.

Your brand will get developed with the evolving time and in no time you will be able to achieve your goals.

So, which do you think is better?

Obviously people are more fans of digital marketing and it does provide you the results, but traditional marketing also has its own place.

So, we would like to recommend both of them to you because you can combine the best feature of it and can include it in your business marketing.

  • November 04 , 2019
  • Rushik Shah
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