Top 10 Tips on How to Manage your Google My Business Such That it Helps Generate Leads

January 10 , 2022

A Google My Business presence is a must-have for lead creation. Google’s domineering influence on how people search, select, and buy cannot be exaggerated. Even if the economy recovers and vaccines become available, consumer behavior has been irrevocably affected thus, the business owners must consider GMB for getting more leads.

What is Google My Business?



Google My Business is a tool that allows you to maintain and optimize your Google business profile. In layman’s terms, it’s a Google listing or profile for your company. and whenever any user searches something on google it shows results according to relevant searches.

Google My Business provides numerous advantages to improve search rankings. First and foremost, it’s free! This includes search and map integration, allowing clients to discover your business in both the physical and virtual worlds, enhancing your SEO rankings. Not only that, but Google My Business provides a level of client communication never previously accomplished or realized on this scale.

Get your business verified by Google so that they can show your listing when a user enters a search query on their search engine. The most typical method is to send a postcard through the mail. E.g., When you search for the best restaurant, Google automatically includes a pick from the top results. As a result, if you own a startup or a small business, setting up GMB should be a top priority.

Tips on How to Optimise Google My Business for Lead Generation:

Tip#1: Ensure Your Information is Accurate and Up to date



There are numerous components to your Google My Business listing, so let’s begin with your primary business description such as :

– Name
– Address
– Cover photos
– Email Address
– Phone number
– Website URL
– Business Hours
– Social Media channels

Google My Business requires your name, address, and phone number (also known as NAP) to begin the listing so as to contact with customers. Your information should be consistent with what is already on your website. Inconsistencies in the data will have a negative influence on your search score and affect the business review.

When entering your address, ensure that it corresponds to the correct coordinates on the map and that it includes the same zip code (5-digit vs. hyphenated 9-digit code) that you gave on your website. Furthermore, a local number is preferable to a national or contact center alternative.


Tip#2: Add a Keyword Targeted Description



Keyword Targeted

Including a detailed description of Google My Business (GMB) not only provides Google with additional information about a company but it also provides better matches for search searches. People looking for specific locations might use these descriptions to determine whether a listing is worthwhile. Stick to conventional terminology that people would use to describe your firm on a regular basis.

Place your most vital information and keywords at the start of your description. And like with anything else, Google publishes rules for optimizing the description to ensure that you are not spamming or deceiving users.

Tip#3: Choose Your Right Category



Choose Your Right Category


The business category you select will significantly impact who Google shows your GMB page to the ideal customer. Spend some time making sure your categorization is as accurate as possible to avoid the negative experience.
If your business is listed in the appropriate Google My Business categories, it will have a better chance of appearing higher for relevant queries. If you have “urgent care” as your primary category, you will be significantly more likely to appear in searches for “urgent care near me.”

Tip#4: Get Google Reviews


Get Google Reviews

Google understands that reviews are the most influential aspect of consumer purchasing. Hence this is a major ranking feature in their algorithm. You may also examine the effect of reviews on ranking for yourself. The first three local results that appear for the majority of Google queries are those with several reviews and solid star ratings.

Furthermore, if a Business Profile has reviews that include such terms, Google may include it in search results. However, it is not permitted to incentivize reviews with discounts, gifts, or cash.


Tip#5: Add Better Images



The more images you have on your business listing, the more probable it is that you will gain new customers. Companies with photos receive 42 percent more queries for driving directions and 35 percent more website click-throughs. You almost certainly do this in your own purchasing habits.

When you search for businesses online, you’re more likely to click on one that offers you images of their products, offices/stores, and so on. You can quickly post photos to your Google My Business profile. In your GMB account, the area of the photograph is located on the side menu.


Tip#6: Enable Messaging for your GMB Profile



Did you realize that your customers – and future customers – can text you? This is an excellent approach to connect directly with people who are interested in what you have to offer, as well as to engage with those who are viewing your GMB listing.

The key advantage of employing messaging tools is that clients can obtain a fast response to any inquiries they have before engaging in a sales transaction. To begin using Messaging, log in to your GMB dashboard and select “Messaging.”


Tip#7: Add Posts to Share Business Updates



You can add announcements, deals, events, and items to your Google Business Profile in the same way that you can on social media networks. Posts are created in your Google My Business dashboard and appear at the bottom of your Business Profile in the “Updates” section. They may, however, become more evident depending on the search query.

A post can typically be up to 300 characters long and will disappear from your Google My Business profile after seven days, so plan appropriately when posting. Depending on your objectives, these postings can assist you in maintaining your profile, generating sales, and encouraging people to visit your real or digital site.

Tip#8: Track Customer Actions with Insights




Track Customer Actions with Insights

GMB is more than simply a free digital billboard in Google Search Results. It also provides highly detailed information about how visitors find you and what they do after viewing your listing. After reading your GMB listing, users can take one of three actions: browse your website, request directions using Google Maps, or call you. GMB Insights displays the number of people who perform each action in a given day, week, or quarter.

Knowing how many individuals call you after seeing your GMB listing is especially useful. Callers are often “low-funnel” prospects, and many of them will make a purchase or schedule an appointment shortly after calling. If you know how many individuals call as a result of your GMB listing, you can begin to assess the effectiveness of your GMB lead generation efforts.


Tip#9: Add Correct Business Timings




Add Correct Business Timings

Another simple but crucial step is to inform your consumers about your opening and closing timings.

Change your holiday periods; letting clients know when you’re open or closed will assist avoid unwanted encounters, such as a potential customer driving miles to your business only to discover it’s closed that day. Do keep updating whenever there is a need for change.


Tip#10: Add Proper Location




Add Proper Location

If you have a physical location where clients can come, choose “yes,” then enter your address. If you don’t have a physical location but provide a service or delivery to a specific area, you can mention it.

Add a proper location so that the location node may indicate the exact position of your business. You can also specify the areas/cities/states/countries you focus on consumers from, so do so.





Finally, how do you get leads from Google My Business?

It may take some time to fully utilize Google My Business as a method of producing more leads, but the end result is well worth the effort in the long run. Any business can use Google to capitalize on leads, bring in more clients, and make more money by continuing to optimize the use of Insights, Google Analytics, and GMB as a whole.

Use Google Analytics with GMB: You may use urchin tracking module (UTM) codes to accurately track how much traffic comes from your listing to the main domain on your business website to analyze the effectiveness of your Google My Business listing.

  • January 10 , 2022
  • Rushik Shah

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