The definition of micro-video varied from blog post to blog post. According to some blogs, micro-videos are of 6-15 seconds, but others say that it is the short version of large video content to drive more traffic and conversions.

Here are Some Steps that One Can Follow to Create a Micro-Video that Works for You:

  • Determine Your Goal

Determining a goal is the very first step to create a successful micro-video. Without a goal, it is impossible to create an attractive and engaging video. Your goal could be anything from creating brand awareness, lead generation, lead nurturing, or customer relationships and sales. A goal should be specific, measurable, realistic and time-bound.

  • Choose a Style for Your Video

There are lots of options available to create video content. When it comes to selecting the one, you should make sure that the style you are going to use should portray your goal in a flawless, effective, and engaging manner. You can try GIF vine, animation video or a lot of other things to convey the message that you want through the video.

  • Write a Video Script

Many video creators have made the mistake of making videos without writing a script. A script is a soul of your video, that enhances the beauty of your video and also lets you convey the message through the proper selection of content.

  • Select Your Recording Tool

There are a lot of inexpensive devices that you can use to record your video. The most important part of a video is the audio (if it has any). To record a video, it is the most imperative part of the process that you select a good and remarkable recording tool.

  • Select Your Editing Tool

If you are a no expert in making a video for the very first time, then you would definitely need an editing tool that you can use to edit your video as per your desired and decided goal. There are a lot of online video and audio editing tools that you can use to make an attractive and engaging video.

  • Choosing the Right Platform for Promoting Your Video

When it comes to choosing a platform for promoting your video, there are numerous options out there through which you can do that. Selecting the right platform for your video promotion can lead your video getting the desirable traffic of potential users. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc are some of the favorite platforms for many people nowadays.


Creating a micro-video with the decided goal and promoting it on different platforms, based on the traffic driven on them, is a great thing to attract and engage potential users on your website.

  • December 04 , 2019
  • Rushik Shah
Tags :  The definition of micro video ,  The Future of Online Video

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